Broadcasting 24 hours a day from Clonmellon, Co. Westmeath.

Clonmellon Community Radio Mission Statement

Clonmellon Community Radio is committed to serving its community irrespective of creed, class, colour or race; to giving a voice to those not served by the mainstream broadcasting services; to educating, informing and inspiring people in our community and to promoting a sense of community and civic pride.

With this in mind, Clonmellon Community Radio's Mission Statement is as follows:

Clonmellon Community Radio recognises the right of all to access to community radio and offers its facilities to the community of Clonmellon to enable that society to express itself freely and without editorial interference, subject to the law and accepted standards of taste and decency so as to promote cultural diversity, community integration and identity, thereby creating an informed, democratic, peaceful, tolerant and pluralist community;

Clonmellon Community Radio seeks to ensure that all residents of Clonmellon have the opportunity to participate in its ownership which shall be democratically managed and shall actively seek out the participation by all in its programming for the benefit, entertainment and development of the community;

Clonmellon Community Radio shall ensure that its editorial policy is free from government, commercial, religious and political influences;

Clonmellon Community Radio shall ensure access by minorities, minority interests, and marginalised and disadvantaged groups and subject to the resources available to it will assist such groups in making use of its facilities.

Clonmellon Community Radio shall be objective and impartial in its news programming and to this end will draw on a diversity of reliable sources of information. In its current affairs programming it shall ensure that of issues relating to current affairs is fair to all interests concerned thereby enabling the people of Clonmellon to make informed democratic decisions and enhancing democratic participation by the community.

Clonmellon Community Radio guarantees a right of reply to any person or group aggrieved.

Clonmellon Community Radio will be run on a “not-for-profit” basis and will seek to secure funding for a wide variety of sources so as to guarantee the maintenance of its editorial independence. Sponsors, advertisers and other funding sources shall have no influence over the development or implementation of editorial policy.

Clonmellon Community Radio shall foster the ethos of volunteer participation in the management and operation of the station, shall recognise and respect their contribution, shall recognize the right of paid workers to join trade unions, shall provide satisfactory working conditions for both and shall foster an atmosphere of mutual respect between volunteers and paid workers.

Clonmellon Community Radio shall adopt, operate and account to its owners for management, employment and programming practices that are non-discriminatory. Such practices shall be publicly accessible.

Clonmellon Community Radio , noting that all community radio stations that subscribe to the community Radio Charter for Europe share the same ideals, shall using modern communications technology to foster networking and programme exchanges with like-minded organisation.

Clonmellon Community Radio shall, having regard to the resources available, provide training and access to production and distribution facilities to encourage local creative talent and foster the traditions of the community so as to achieve the objectives set out in this Mission Statement.

The Aims of Clonmellon Community Radio are:

  • to provide a community-based internet radio service with locally-based radio programming to niche, special-interest and minority audiences in Clonmellon
  • to provide opportunities for the promotion of a diverse range of special interest projects with a particular focus on arts, cultural, social and community interest issues
  • to promote the use of radio production as a community arts methodology to enhance community participation in the media
  • to engage a wide and diverse number of locally-based community and voluntary groups in the development, management and operation of the project
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