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Assorted Computer Magazines from the 80's/90's

As the world moves ever forward and new technological breakthroughs enable us to experience our music and video on ever smaller and better devices, I want to pause and take a look back at some old equipment / magazines that I have here, mostly lying in cupboards, wardrobes, in the attic and even under the bed. The items on display are from my own collection however I am on the lookout for our listeners to send in their own images too for display here.



During the early 1980's I was the proud owner of a Sinclair ZX81 BASIC home computer, with an external 16k of RAM... during this time I used to buy some computer magazines to learn how to program in BASIC and also to read about new computers.  I enjoyed reading and keeping these magazines and even today, almost 40 years later I still have my collection of magazines.  here are some photos of the good ones, others have torn covers so I didn't take photos of those.

The Home Computer Course has been digitised, see here


full rear

INPUT Magazine has been digitized for those interested and can be found here

ZX Computing has been digitized, see here